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Amy Winehouse is dying of TB-like disease

Amy winehouse
Amy Winehouse
is now suffering from a disease that is similar to Tuberculosis. She’s been reportedly of coughing up blood for quite some time.

But she is kind of stubborn and ain’t want doctor to examine her. She has reportedly been a drug addict for long time, and now this time the lethal disease would soon take away her life.

Unless she can dump her drug cravings or else she would most likely finish!! She’s been isolated by the doctor in London hospital for battling her chest infection. The latest news about her health development is, she is found tested negative for TB, but what disease that she’s caught is still “inconclusive”. But doctors still treat her condition very seriously!


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2 Responses to “Amy Winehouse is dying of TB-like disease”

  1. […] Amy Winehouse hasn’t quit drugs yet. As she’s got many to supply to her. A Bristish couple is pleaded guilty for supplying drugs including cocaine and ecstasy to Winehouse. […]

  2. […] Amy Winehouse seems to have pretty tough time since we started to keep an eye on her. Yeah, she got into rehabs which was to refrain from taking drugs, followed by split with her hubby, and latest bad news is her home got broken into. […]

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