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UV-C Light Wand best used for killing germs on bed sheet, sofa…

Wives, who wanna keep absolutely clean of your home, to keep your kids and hubby completely free from germs. The new gadget UV-C light wand is claimed to tackle all the germs scattered around in your living space.

The UV-C light wand uses ‘naturally occurring UV-C light’ which can effectively kill lots of germs that spread over your daily used items. Just simply wave over all the items, including the bed sheet, the tooth brush, or some other furnitures that you feel uncomfortable with, which you’re suspicious that it’s been “contaminated” with germs.

The gadget uses 4 AA batteries, weighs a mere 13 ounces and it’s super quiet when used. It’s much better than using those sprays that would cause unpleasant smells in the house.


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2 Responses to “UV-C Light Wand best used for killing germs on bed sheet, sofa…”

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