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Pele gets robbed!

Yeah, for the soccer fans, you surely know who Pele is. The superstar in soccer for Brazil in 50-70s, a three-time world cup winner. But he’s been little unfortunate recently. He was robbed in Brazil.

While he was caught in traffic jam in the street of Brazil, some bustards decided to rob him, despite he was the soccer hero for the country and for all the soccer fans in the world. It could be those who robbed him are from the much younger generation, who ain’t know who Pele was. They probably have heard about Maradona more than they’ve heard about Pele.

Honestly speaking, I ain’t know much about the history of Pele. Occasionally when there is a big soccer match such as World cup, then his great work and skills in soccers will always get repeated on TV. Anyway, he was robbed! What a pity! Maybe he always shows off that he is so damn rich, I guess! Maybe :)


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