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Sweety – that’s what you need to release pressure

Sweety – a nice conceptual gadget that is simply so good to let you squeeze, and beat it and play some games with its body to let you release some stress of work. That’s what we always need these days, having piles of work to catch up with!

Sweety is your 24 hours a day listener. It listens to all your crap as a real life friend would (but probably better) and helps you analyze your stress with visible calm and beautiful graphic patterns. By exposing the cause of your stress it is easier to find a way to relieve it.

Depending on the growth of the graphic patterns, Sweety will also invite you to play interactive games by manipulating its soft body. When the pressure is on and the stress is too much, just squeeze and beat the hell out of it. Now that’s WAY more than a human friend would let you do.


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