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Girly Melanoma Bracelet tells you to stay away from harmful UV rays

Although there is still one more month for the summer, but we don’t wanna get sun burn in this last month of summer. It’s always neat that we have simple gadget that can tell us to stay away from those harmful UV rays.

Melanoma Bracelet is a simple bracelet that you can strap on your wrist, and lets you learn which rays are harmful and which rays aren’t while you’re staying under the hot sun. Once the bracelet detects harmful UV rays that could burn your skins, it changes its color. The bracelet comes in pink, which is the lovely colors most girls love.

Wearing one of those on your wrist in the last month of the summer, to ensure you’ll be able to get back to work in good shape with healthy skin after the summer finishes.

Get it here for only $4.94

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3 Responses to “Girly Melanoma Bracelet tells you to stay away from harmful UV rays”

  1. Isobel Shaw says:

    Bob Marley died of Melanoma right ?-”

  2. Kaylee Lopez says:

    melanoma is quite dangerous, so make sure that you get early detection or early treatment~:~

  3. […] from the NBA including Drew Brees, Kevin Durant and Kobe Bryant. And they’ve claimed that the bracelets do bring them with extra […]

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