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2008 Beijing Olympic stadium – Bird’s nest mp3 player

The Beijing Olympic stadium is shaped like a bird nest, and has been nicknamed as bird nest too. During the season of the Olympic 2008, various gadgets have surfaced which are built based on the logos, themes, and the stadium of the Olympic in Beijing.

Such as the Bird’s nest MP3 player, which you can get it for a price of $19.20. Bird’s nest is also one of the favorite skin food for Chinese girls, especially girls who can afford. If you always feed on bird’s nest to keep your skin healthy and smooth, in order to keep your man be always with you, you might wanna consider having the Bird nest MP3 player, which can also work as a second reminder for you not to forget your skin food. And the other reason to have is it’s shaped like the Olympic stadium, the Bird Nest, best for remembrance.

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