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Girly contact lenses give your eyes Manga and Anime innocent look

Japanese girly contact lenses
Japanese companies have got some nice contact lenses, which let the wearers’ eyes wider open, to look pretty innocent like those big eyes alway seen on the famous Japanese girly cartoons, Manga and Anime.

These special lenses are tinted conspicuously in the extra wide outer ring, which make the wearers’ eyes to look bigger and wider. Besides, the lenses also make the eyes look more watery, shiny and more youthful.

Guys in Japan, especially in the younger generation love girls with big and innocent eyes. If a girl wanna be popular among the guys, so it’s best to get a pair of these lenses, and wear it everyday. The special contact lenses are actually custom-made for each wearer. Many Japanese companies are making these cute lenses, including Geo and Dueba. The price is around $30 – $50 per pair.


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