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Shiny Shiny gadget blog has moved? It’s become a blog of high-heeled shoes? has always been known to me as a girly gadget blog. And again, today, I checked out the shinyshiny blog for more girly gadgets.

It somehow got me by surprise, showing me pages of very nice high-heeled shoes. Which means shinyshiny has migrated from a gadget blog into a blog about high-heeled shoes without our notice? And this blog about shoes seems to have been run for quite some times, as it’s got more than dozens of blog posts. And I was moving through those pages, it showed me they had very thick archive. Something was puzzling as I remember I’d just checked out the a few days ago for some new gadgets. It shouldn’t have changed that fast, become a blog about shoes instead of gadgets.

But after a while, while having my eyes staring at the Firefox address bar, I then realized that I missed out a “w”. What I got was It’s got only two “w”s instead of three. Yeah, is a blog about tons of beautiful high-heeled shoes. And they’re very nice and keep my eyes open

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One Response to “Shiny Shiny gadget blog has moved? It’s become a blog of high-heeled shoes?”

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