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Sony Cyber-shot T77, world’s slimmest digital camera

Sony Cyber-shot T77, world’s slimmest camera compared to everyday objects, a 5 pence coin and mascara applicator
The slimmest digital camera to date is claimed to be the Sony Cyber-shot T77 digital camera. We’ve got here a clearer picture attached to show you its thinness while compared to everyday object

Look at the camera in picture for the comparison, it’s slimmer than a 5p coin which measures 17 mm, whereas this camera only measures 15 mm. And at the thinnest point it measures only 13.9 mm. The camera shall be very nice pocket fitter for girls to carry around in our tight jeans pocket.

More info here, source

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  2. […] and it’s easy to slide them into your tight jeans pocket. The Winait CD130BT is perhaps the slimmest digital camera that we’ve spotted to date. It measures a mere 13.5mm […]

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