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Liu Xiang – Asian girls’ hero, pulled out from defending his Olympic 110m hurdles medal

Liu Xiang, the hero of Asian and all the Asian girls, especially Chinese. The dream of every girl has been shattered since Monday, Aug 18th, which Liu decided to pull out from the the 100 meter hurdles heat due to an ankle injury.

The 25-year-old Liu Xiang grabbed the Olympic gold medal for the 110 meter hurdles in Atherns Olympic 4 years ago. And he also broke the world record in 2006 and held it at 12.88 seconds until June, this year, which the record shattered by the Cuba, Dayron Robles who clocked at 12.87 seconds.

Liu Xiang has got extremely high commercial values in China and throughout the world for companies that sell sport products. Especially for Nike has spent tons of bucks on him, getting him to feature on the recent ads on the company in Beijing. Forbes listed Liu’s earning last year managed to secure him $23.9 million, third highest on the Chines celebrity list headed by Yao Ming, the Chinese NBA star.

What a shame? Feeling sympathy? Liu Xiang is just a man. Some say he chose this way to pull out is to retain his fame or he can’t sustain the pressure put on him with lots of press and media, billions of eyes on him if he managed to get through to the final, and some more a super strong competitor is there, the Cuban. He couldn’t stand the pressure that he’d most likely lose in the final? No, that is purely injury that’s bothered him? Isn’t it? Videos are attached below how Liu Xiang pulled out from the heat and limping away

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