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Usain Bolt 200 world record

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Usain Bolt took this shot at the time score board, showing his great 19:30 seconds for the 200 meter new world record, which he’s shattered Michael Johnson’s 19.32 seconds set in Atlanta.

Usain Bolt won gold by a huge margin at the Olympic 200 meter men’s final tonight. The silver medalist is Churandy Martina of the Dutch Antilles. Sadly, American Wallace Spearmon finished was disqualified as he ran out of his lane, which he finished 3rd. The bronze medal was then awarded to the team mate, Shawn Crawford.

The picture below shows the old 200 meter world record, set by Michael Johnson of USA at 19:32 seconds, in Atlanta 1996. And now it’s been shattered by Usain Bolt with new world record of 19:30

Read what Johnson says about Bolt, he calls Bolt “Superman 2”!

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