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Sonance Kayak Speaker

Sonance has designed and readied this new speaker, which is called Kayak. The speaker gets this name perhaps they consider it looks like a Kayak boat.

The speaker basically comprises of two cones facing each other, and balancing a jewel-shaped thing in between of the cones. It simply ain’t look like a Kayak boat. But still they wanna find a name for it. Maybe Kayak will attract the love of those celebrities who love to go Kayak boating.

The Kayak speaker is designed and recommended to hang horizontally between two opposing walls or pillars. Or you can have it suspended vertically between the ceiling and the floor. It shall blend well with those high-standard and stylish furniture found in your living space.

The Kayak speaker rides on the concept of a single body with stereophonic emission, and it’s been designed to give best stereo sound to feed your fuzzy ears. Capable of outputting a power of 60 watt, and a sensitivity of 86dB, and the price tag is huge, $2,900, which only celebrities can afford. Find out more here, Sonance website

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