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Durable furniture made of paper by Japanese

Japanese has been making lots of things with paper, especially for their houses, such as the doors and the windows are made of some papers.

Some of the reasons that they tend to make more things with paper as they live in volcanic region, which earthquake is at high chance to happen any time. And when Earthquake happens, a building made of solid concrete tend to kill more.

But the newly introduced furniture which is made of paper, is totally a green move of the Japanese. The Japanese chemical company Nippon Kako-Kizai is the one that makes this paper-made furniture and they plan to start selling the furniture in September.

The paper-made furniture is deemed pretty durable and even as durable as those made of wood or steels. It’s claimed to be able to stand up to a whopping of 700kg. The paper used for making the furniture or those chairs is as thick as cardboard and made of 90% recycle content.

The company has also come up with their own solution for stabilizing the legs of those paper-made chairs and tables, which this solution has been used previously with its packaging. The method is to bundle layers of the paper to form tubes.

You’ll have different choices between a number of different products, including tables, shelves and chairs. A chair with a backrest, for example, will cost a whopping $82.

The furniture will be sold mainly over the web. Nippon Kako-Kizai hopes to sell products worth $275,000 in the first year.

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