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Q-Couch – sleek, modular furniture

Q-CouchQ-Couch definitely catches your eyes while it’s sitting in your living space. The Q-Couch is a sleek, multi-colored and modular piece that spices up your living space with colors and coziness.

The Q-Couch is the design by Belgium’s Frederik van Heereveld. Van Heereveld is the founder of FEEK. Van Heereveld has great interest in EPP (Expanded Polypropylene), which he considers it as the perfect materials for making all his products. He claims the material is best used for design furniture which shouldn’t be restricted to be used in lightweight car parts and packaging only.

EPP is an engineered plastic foam that is durable, resilient, and pleasing to the touch. And it’s comparatively stronger. Furthermore, it’s temperature, light, and water resistant; easily recyclable; and non-toxic. And a bonus to you, it repels petrol and other common household chemicals, so no worry of causing any non-removable stain by some chemicals. The Q-Couch is best used both indoor and ourdoor, such as in the living room or the shop, on land or on sea etc.

Besides the material, EPP, that makes the Q-Couch up, the modularity is also a great feature of this furniture. Each module just weighs very little, and they’re so easy to snap together just by the press of a finger. FEEK’s website says: “it can be Q-ued in all lengths, shapes, and colors in any way you want.”



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