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Girly bling gadget: USB Jewel flash drive

USB flash drives have come in various shapes these days. For the girls, we might have been longing for a USB flash drive that is shaped like a jewel.

Here we go, we have one from Brando which is shaped like a fashionable jewel. And it comes included with a necklace which you can attach this little piece of jewel to be worn around your neck. Or you can even strap it on your cellphone. It’s simply a handy piece for girls to carry around as well as showing off among friends that this “bling” gadget.

But it might have negative effect which easily attracts others to snatch it away and you’ll lose your precious data. It’s compatible with Window 2000/XP/Vista or MAC OS, measures 81 x 24 x 10mm and weighs 20g. A 4Gb version costs $39.00 at Brando.

via popgadget

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2 Responses to “Girly bling gadget: USB Jewel flash drive”

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