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Super cute Angel Baby live webcam

The Angel Baby live webcam is one of the cutest cams that I’ve ever come across. Look at how the camera is stuck on her mouth, as if she is sucking a big nipple pacifier, making her to look so little cute.

This Angel Baby webcam features a 1.3 megapixel CMOS color sensor chip which captures high quality pictures of you and presents it to your chat friends on the other side of the Internet. The head of this cute angel cam can be rotated 360 degree freely so you can easily position yourself for a better position to show off to your friends during the video conferencing sessions.

It’s capable of a sharp resolution of 1280×960 and up to 15fps along with the ability to take spot photos directly from the webcam. And of course, while it’s seated on top of your computer monitor, it’ll surely attract many to comment that it’s so cute. It takes power directly from the PC’s USB port which you don’t have to worry about supplying it with external power. It’s certainly a great choice for girls.

Find out more at Angel Baby Webcam

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