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Lindsay Lohan is getting married and she’ll become Mrs Ronson?

It seems like another les relationship is going to blossom and end up with tying a knot. It’s the relationship of Lindsay, and her “groom-to-be”, Samantha Ronson, says she is marrying Lindsay Lohan before New Year.

Samantha is telling her friends that by end of the year, her love will be Mrs Ronson. Somemore Lohan was spotted wearing diamond heart-shaped ring on her wedding finger last Thursday, when she joined Ronson appearing at the DJ Gig in New York.

Telegraph even reported that Ms Ronson has announced publicly at a party in LA “By the end of this year, my love will be Mrs Ronson. Tonight shows the power of a woman – to underestimate that is to underestimate the world”.

Lohan has been reportedly to always stay quiet for their relationship. The pair has also been spotted having the same matching tattoos. All these signs seem to tell that “Yes, it’s pretty close to their wedding day!”

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