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My Way – a stylish Get-There-Quick navigational gadget leads you way home

My Way seems to be a GPS device that is highly needed these days especially for city dwellers. But it seems to be much simpler than a GPS device which you don’t have to deal with complex map, I guess. It simply shows you the “Get-There-Quick”, to direct you to the right destination at what every layman can do.

This handheld navigational device is said not only to use the “Get-There-Quick” method, it also uses Smell-The-Roses method. My Way is the product of Signce Studio, which they claim it makes use of two new modes of navigational experience, which are target mode and the cruise mode.

Often you need to get from A to B as efficiently as possible. “Target Mode” covers those situations when time is of the essence and navigation has to be unmistakable. [On the other hand,] sometimes you are lucky enough to have some unexpected spare time. Your would prefer to roam around and discover new places rather than just go straight from A to B. “Cruise Mode” helps you arrange your trip so as to make spontaneous discoveries along your way.”

The device would most probably follow other GPS devices that would have a Google Map’s street view integrated. In short, My Way is wide open to networking possibilities and opportunities for businesses to reach out-of-town visitors. Not only that, the graphics on the device are great! Right out of the package. And for people who travel by plane but don’t carry laptops this device would be just fine for finding one’s way around.

source [yankodesign]

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