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Jocelyn Wildenstein – the cat woman has got a new BF, Lloyd

Wealthy socialite Jocelyn Wildenstein who is famous about her long history of numerous cosmetic surgeries, has found her new love – a new boyfriend. Guess, who the lucky man is?

She was spotted with a man who is years younger than her age. And they were sharing a Lover’s Meal at an unidentified restaurant in Beverly Hills. For some of us, it might be hard to accept her current look. She’s gone through many of these plastic surgeries, which shall be more than the number of times that MJ has gone through.

The latest on her face is said to be based on a love of exotic wild cats. So, she is a catwoman and she must have got a dog man as the new boyfriend! LOL! Here you go!

In fact it’s not! It’s him! The lucky man gets exposed now!

History and facts:

During her marriage to Alec the socialite began to fear her husband was losing interest in her and, inspired by his love for cats, began altering her face to make her appear more feline. Despite spending £2million on altering her previously-attractive looks, Alec was said to have screamed in horror when he saw her face.


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