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Bipolar disorder could be genetic – the way she learned to handle it

Bipolar disorder – a kind of mental illness or depression. Laurel Lemke, 54, of Lakewood, an unfortunate who has developed this mental illness since very young age. Insomnia kept hitting her and she had hyper energy, tensions which needed her to cycle in and out hospitals in her life. And she was rejected by schools and colleges due to she was considered mentally unfit.

When the manic hits her, she will have a bundle of symptoms, such as she totally loses her sense of humor, difficulty in following directions, being unreasonably suspicious, and crying easily.

Eventually, she learned how to manage her Mania, at least to calm it down. Some practices like eating raw fruits and more vegetables. And she has to keep a schedule, routines to help her get back to a healthier life. Of course, alcohol must be forgotten in this case.

The Bipolar disorder seems to be genetic. As a genealogist, who stepped into researching her family for another individual, had discovered that her great-grandmother had killed herself which likely caused by that she also suffered from the same mental illness.

At Laurel’s 30, she gets more involved in outdoor and social activities, such as ballroom dancing has come her favorite hobby. And she travels with the dancing group, making more friends. From the closest friends, she also learned some relatives or friends of the friends’ families also had bipolar.

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