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Blow-up furniture : Chesterfield inflatable Sofa

The Chesterfield inflatable Sofa is definitely handy, portable, and saves lots of space. When you don’t need it, just release the air trapped in it, so it will collapse into a piece that can be folded up for easier storage.

Moving it around in the house is also so much easier. Deflating it takes you only 5 minutes and then you can easily carry it around. And use the included pump connected to a power, to blow this inflatable couch up at the location that you want it set up again, and it also takes you only 5 minutes.

This blow-up couch is recommended to be used at every corner in your house, indoors and outdoors. It’s best used in the garden, when you have friends coming over for a little pool-side party. It’s made from robust material as used in life rafts that shall stand well the test of weather. Currently in stock on the online store is only the white one. You have other color options but available as pre-order only. Each piece costs you £350. It’s great too for those live in a tiny apartment.

source [gadgetvenue]

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