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Girly heart-shaped USB flash drive and LED lamp

Greenhouse Japan, has got some cute heart-shaped gadgets. They have here are the heart-shaped USB flash drive and also the heart-shaped USB LED lamp.

The heart-shaped USB flash drive comes in a storage capacity of 2GB and with a chain for the handiness to attach it as a charm to your cellphone or purse. It comes available in three options of color which are Vivid pink, red and SUITOPINKU. This heart-shaped flash drive is available this month on Greenhouse.

The USB heart-shaped LED lamp is another cute gadget. Its main function is to shine you your way if the environment is simply too dim. Other than that it presents the “I Love You” message on its little heart. It might be useful to use it to convey the lovely message to your loved ones. The USB heart -shaped LED lamp is available in five colors which are Garnet red, Ruby Pink, Pink Topaz, AMEJISUTOPAPUR, and SHAINIGORUDO. The device will be available in October.

USB heart-shaped memory

USB heart-shaped LED LAMP

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3 Responses to “Girly heart-shaped USB flash drive and LED lamp”

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