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The Cue, bathroom gadget reminds girls of routine breast check

Breast cancers are some serious killers for women. So it’s best for girls to start practicing for a routine check of their breasts since young age.

The Cue is a useful gadget which is meant to hang on the wall of a bathroom. So girls can then spend their private times to exam their own breasts. It acts a helpful reminder that gets you to do your own breast examination once a month.

The device will remind you seven days after your period. It’ll also remind you on the same day even though you miss your period, lets say when you’re pregnant etc. It also acts as a reminder to get you to see doctor. Somemore it’s got a built-in timer reminding you the shower time.

In short, it seems to be a great reminder for forgetful and non-disciplined girls, best way to get you to build good habits for examing the breast by yourself. Costs only $25, as to go along with the Breast Cancer awareness month, and the price will get back to normal of $30 later.

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