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PMS swear teddy bear cheers girls up during Premenstrual syndrome ?

During the times when girls suffer from Premenstrual syndrome (PMS), their moods will swing dramatically. Perhaps, there is a need for some great gadgets to accompany them.

A teddy bear has been made, called the PMS swear teddy bear, but I guess this one is only made for humor. As the bear simply talks non sense and swears, which might make the girls’ life more miserable during their suffering of the PMS.

But anyway, it’s better than to have a guy to accompany the girl. At least the teddy bear would get the girl to learn, that she needs to control herself instead of throwing temper to the guy next to her. This bear will neither hide anything nor consider the girl is in her PMS mood. it simply says some rude words such as “I Will F$%$%!king destroy you,”, “I suffer from PMS, Putting up with men’s s**t” etc.

For girls, if you feel you have no one understands you during your PMS, this PMS teddy might be helpful, it costs only $30 and will be available in November. The product is by Toy Vault, and they’ve got a line full of these swear bears. Or you can buy it here when it’s arrived in November.

via [chipchick], by AskAlexia

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