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5 cute and girly USB gadgets to keep you warm at cold Winter nights

Winter is here, it shouldn’t be too late to start looking for some cute and girly gadgets that are able to keep you warm, especially those can be hooked up to your PC’s USB port and take power from it. We’ve selected 5 cute and girly ones that are able to keep you warm from top down to your toes.

First, we have a cute one, a pair of USB heated gloves that comes with a pair of nice cartoon figures from Japan, they are the “San-x Monokuro Boo Black white pig”. This cute pair of black white pig is sewn on each of the gloves. The USB heated gloves are to be hooked up to your computer’s USB ports to take power from it. Each glove leaves your fingertip exposed, so you can continue to work on your computer.

The second gadget is a USB Piggy mousepad that also serves as a hand warmer. It isn’t like any average mousepad. It covers up your hand, so it keeps your trembling mousing hand warm during cold winter nights.

The third gadget is a USB warming shoes which keep your feet warm. While your feet are cold your entire body shall feel cold as well. So, it’s important to keep your feet warm. It comes in pink color which is suitable for girls. Another color available is the blue one. It takes power from your computer’s USB port. It can be powered by batteries too, which is handy when you wanna wear it out.

The fourth gadget keeps you warm from the pulse points on your wrist, which is deemed to transmit heat all over your body more effectively. It’s a USB wrist strap which you just need to strap it on your wrist. Get a pair if one isn’t enough to keep you warm. But each of this needs a USB port for its power.

If all the gadgets said above are insufficient to keep you warm. You can get an USB heating blanket that surely keeps your entire body warm during the extremely cold winter nights.

By: AskAlexia

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