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Rabbit Keychain Bottle Opener

Girls might wanna consider a more girly looking bottle opener to open your brew. A Bugs Bunny-shaped bottle opener shall be a great companion when you feel thirsty and wanna have a few sips.

This little Rabbit-shaped bottle opener also doubles up as a key chain, which is handy to be attached to your keys and bring along anywhere you go. When you need a bottle opener for your beers, then this key chain will come in handy. The two little teeth of this rabbit are strong enough to bite and open the beers.

Some more the ears of the rabbit are actually carabiners, which you can easily get it to hook on a backpack or a bag for easy carrying. This Rabbit-shaped bottle opener comes in 6 colors, which are silver, pink, yellow, purple, green and blue, but the pink shall attract most loves from girls. For only $3, you can get it at Sourcingmap.

By AskAlexia

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