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3 animated Homer Simpson gadgets for the big fans of Simpson

If you’re a big fan of Homer Simpson, you’d surely love to have some animated Simpson gadgets to spice up your living and work space or to cheer you up when your days get boring. Here you go, we’ve collected 3 animated Simpson gadgets that you may be interested in getting before the Christmas.

1. Simpson Jukebox Alarm Clock Radio If you have problems to wake up early in the morning, or you don’t have a radio that can tune in your favorite stations, you shall consider this Simpson radio alarm clock. Simpson is standing next to radio holding his famous mug of beer, accompanying you while you’re listening to the radio stations. There is a digital display to show you the time. When the alarm goes off or when the demo button is pressed, Homer talks, sings and moves with the alarm sound. Lets Homer sing, talk to you to wake you up early in the morning together with your favorite radio station. For only $50, you can get it from Amazon.

2. Homer Simpson Animated Phone – This is a great replacement for your existing phone that simply looks and sounds too boring to you. This animated Simpson phone gets Simpson to get up from the couch to stretch his hands and legs and start saying the 6 witty lines. You can always press the Demo button to get Simpson to repeatedly do so, when you feel that your days are too boring. This Simpson animated phone is equipped with last number redial, flash button, custom or conventional ringer and tone/pulse dial options. For a price of $50 too, you can get it from Amazon.

3. Homer Simpson animated table lamp – If you want a special table lamp to wow your friends when they pay you a visit, the animated Simpson table lamp is a good choice to replace the old one. When the light is switched on, Homer dances and sings for you. But for some people, this could be little annoying as Homer could be repeatedly singing the same song, which may be considered as “noise” over times. But, no worry, the lamp has an on/off button to turn on or off the sound. For a price of $60, you can get it from Amazon.

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