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LG Icecream 2 3G cellphone tastes delicious for the girls

LG has announced a new handset for the girls, which shall taste sweet as it’s been given name called LG Icecream.

The new LG Ice cream handset has been released in Korea, and is codenamed LG-LU1600. This handset is a 3G phone and is dubbed as LG Icecream Phone 2. It should be specially made to welcome the new year and also the coming Valentine’s day in February next year.

Actually, LG had launched the first generation of LG Ice cream phone earlier in April this year. The Icecream 2 is apparently the second generation of the Ice cream phone. It comes in a clamshell form factor that measures only 15.5 mm thick and is the first 3G enabled cellphone in the Icecream series of LG.

The phone is specially designed to attract girls’ love. Especially it’s loaded with cute and bright emoticons, which further add sweetness to the phone, making it a good gift for girls for the Valentines day. The front panel lights up with pastel tone colors and shines bright when there is an incoming call, which adds more charm to this phone.

This LG-LU1600 sports other features such as T-DMB, web surfing, electronic dictionary function along with the 3G support and also international roaming option. The phone is available in Korea for a price around $297- $370. It’ll come in three flavors which are peach pink, sky blue, and snow white.

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