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LG Make-up phone, LG-SH490 for girls

LG has announced a new clamshell phone, LG-SH490, but they give it a funny name which is called make-up phone. Not too sure why the phone has been given name a name like that.

Perhaps, this clamshell phone features a mirror-like or super shinny screen that can be used as a mirror for girls to look into it and carry out their own make-up. The LG make-up phone comes in three flavors, which are smoky red, deep blue and pearl white.

You have some cute stuff to play around on its front panel, you can your own emoticon which you have 18 of them to choose from to display it on the front panel. The emoticon is displayed by the built-in LED animation lighting on the front panel of this cell phone.

The phone features a 3-megapixel camera, supports global roaming service, comes with built-in electronic dictionary. And surprisingly, it supports VOIP, allows you to make Internet phone calls. This LG-SH490 cellphone is available only in Korea via SK Telecom for a price of $375. Those who live outside of Korea may have to import it and get it unlocked to suit your network operator.


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