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Why does a handbag come with a TV screen ?

Apparently, the BagTV is a handbag designed for TV addicts. It comes with built-in DVD/MP3 player, a digital photo viewer and a 7-inch LCD screen for girls who can’t get their eyes off the TV screen, to be able to watch TV while they’re on the go.

This TV handbag has a battery life of 2.5 hours, and you can hook it up to a computer via USB port to transfer videos and pictures on to it. Alternatively, you can plug in an SD card to view the videos on the card. While you’re tired of strolling in a shopping mall, take a break, sit down on a bench and watch your favorite video clip on your handbag. Or going for slide show of those photos of sweet memories. Not bad, but it’s isn’t cheap, carries a price tag of $700. Find out more at BagTV


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