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How to password protect your USB flash drives ?

USB flash drives are no doubt the most portable data storage that we bring along these days. But due to the handiness of these USB flash drives or USB memory sticks, we always carry it everywhere and tend to misplace that would most probably cause highly confidential data to fall into the hands of your rivals.

Since you’re an aggressive office lady who’s been spending so much of your effort climbing up the corporate ladder, you’ll definitely not want the carelessness of you losing the data on USB flash drives to hinder or ruin your career.

Therefore, it’s always a wise choice to get your USB flash drive well protected for its data. To protect the data on a USB flash drive, what you need is just a little handy software to do so. SecureStix USB password protect software is what I’ve tried to get my USB flash drives well protected. It offers simple and easy solution to protect those confidential data.

For only $27, you can purchase the SecureStix USB password protect software here. The SecureStix software is compatible with various operating systems including Windows 98, Windows 2000, Windows XP Home, Windows XP Professional and Windows Vista.

Buy SecureStix USB Flash drive password protector

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