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Solio Emergency handheld charger

When girls out for some outdoor activities, you will always need to have your cellphone with you for the case of emergency so you can make calls asking for help. But what if the battery of your cell runs out? Then you’ll be in big trouble.

Such as when you’re out for skiing and you’re stuck hit by snowstorm or have lost you way, and your cellphone’s battery has gone flat which fails to let you finish the call to tell exactly where you’re.

Here comes the Solio charger which was presented at the CES (Consumer Electronic Show) 2009, which definitely comes in handy for girls during emergency, at least to keep cellphone’s battery juiced up to last till your car ends.

The Solio Emergency charger can soak up sunlights to store charges into its internal battery or alternatively it can be charged via AC power. So, during emergency, when your mobile phone’s battery is out, you can get this Solio charger to boost the battery of your mobile to let you continue your conversation or to charge your GPS device so you’ll then be able to use it to find your way home.

The Solio charger is said to be able to support up to 500 handheld devices including mobile phones, GPS devices etc. And the stored charge can last for a year. The Solio Charger is now available at Amazon store, for only $92.


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