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Boat couch

A couch shaped like a boat, which shall be good for those who live near the seaside which a Tsunami or a flood is likely to hit. It comes out of the hands of a designer who used to spend lots of time messing around with boat during his childhood.

The practical design detail of traditional fishing boats which Terence finds truly inspirational is shown in two contrasting images in the new book. The first is a pencil drawing from 1929 by the British artist Christopher Wood called ‘Fishing Boat, Dieppe’ and the second is a huge sunshade on the terrace at his apartment in Shad Thames which was inspired by sails.

Ben Fowler was the ideal candidate to produce a piece based on boats as part of this project. He spent his childhood messing around in boats and after leaving the Royal College with a Masters in Furniture Design he trained with boat builder Mark Edwards who specializes in traditional ship building particularly of Thames Skiffs.

Ben’s understanding of the complex geometry and skills required of boat builders stayed with him when he set up his own furniture design and production business. He maintains that boat building taught him the importance of form following function and the way beauty in objects can be derived from the tight constraints of necessity. His boat-seat works perfectly as a boat and a seat.

The price of this boat couch is overly expensive for average people, costs $16K, but it’s a pretty stylish piece.

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