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Hello Kitty slimming belt flattens your tummy

More Hello Kitty-branded gadgets are coming our way. It’s simply they’re popular and attract most love from girls. Here comes another Hello-Kitty branded gadget, a slimming belt that is good to get your tummy sizing down.

Perhaps some of you may have gained some weight, or built up your tummy with the heavy fest during the last Christmas and holidays. It’s now time to start shedding some pounds off your tummy. This Hello-Kitty branded slimming belt shall work similarly to other slimming belt. Just strap it on your tummy, and use the attached remote control to control the vibration speed of this belt.

The remote control allows you turn on and off the slimming belt, and gives two levels of the vibration speed, which are high and low. There is a button for the auto function and you can even set it to reverse or forward. Other than having it strapped on your tummy, you can also use it on the thighs, or any other parts that you feel are out of shape. This slimming belt can be purchased from the Japanese online store for $115.

Source: shinyshiny

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