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Hello Kitty and Baby Stewie USB interactive IZMO respond to your typing

It’s time for Hello Kitty to get responsive to your QWERTY keyboard this time. It’s now a USB IZMO that connects to your computer’s USB port, and responds perfectly to your keystrokes. Along with the Kitty, Baby Stewie of the Family Guy is also one of these IZMOs that responds to your keyboard.

These USB toys are great when you feel your days are simply too boring and you need them to accompany you to make the atmosphere little hilarious. The Hello Kitty will turn her head while you type on the keyboard, and also having her wings moving and twinkling the glowing wand in her.

The Baby Stewie is more aggressive in responding to your key strokes. He keeps calling out his favorite one liners and shooting out his taser gun. These USB toys can be purchased from Amazon, where the Stewie costs $19.86 and the Hello Kitty costs more expensive, $25, which could hint Hello Kitty is more favorable by many.

Source: chipchick

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