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Casio CA001 cell phone is for your fingers to pick up piano-playing skills

In Japan, Casio and the operator KDDI are going to release a new cell phone called CA001. The specialty of this phone is it comes with embedded piano. For girls who wanna pick up some piano-playing skills, this should be extremely handy as you could always have a practice while you’re on the go.

The embedded piano on the Casio phone, was designed by Yamaha, is to go along with a piano-training program, which is best for picking up piano mastering skills. The Casio CA001 cell phone comes in two colors which are yellow and brown. It’s in a clamshell form factor, weighs 122 grams and measures only 50 x 109 x 17.8mm.

This casio phone features a 3.1-inch swivel IPS LCD display with a hidden alphanumeric keypad, 5-megapixel camera with autofocus, 500MB internal memory expandable up to 2GB via microSD slot, GPS, Bluetooth, IR Simple, and some other features could be only useful in Japan only such as 1Seg TV, e-Wallet, audio/video-on-demand etc. The phone doesn’t look girly enough to be a girl’s choice. The one in yellow should be acceptable for some girls. It’s likely to hit in Spring but no word for the pricing.

Source: cellphonebeat

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