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CYLEC exercise bike generates electricity to charge your gadgets

The Japanese have a unique way to get you to exercise more, if you wanna have FREE electricity for charging your gadgets. The CYLEC exercise bike that was unveiled at the Autumn 2008 Tokyo International Gift Show, is able to generate electricity, and the longer your pedaling is, the more electricity it’s able to generate for you.

The CYLEC bike has a internal rechargeable battery that stores the generated electricity. This bike has now a version that is tailor-made for the voltage in Japan, but they’re making a version that suits other countries and scheduled to be released in March 2009.

The concept of this electricity-generating bike is straightforward. There is a dynamo-type generator that generates the electricity from your pedaling, which is exactly the same method used on the light of a bike that also takes electricity generated from the pedaling of the biker.

The internal battery of this bike will get fully charged, after a 2-hour pedaling at a speed of 15km/hour, and this is able to charge 7 cell phones or to run a fan for about three hours. This is certainly a cool bike to have, especially for girls who wanna slim down, and the best is it generates you electricity to charge or power gadgets or home appliances, that will save your bills in long run – a double-edged sword! Take a look at video of this exercise bike in action below:

via videoinfom

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3 Responses to “CYLEC exercise bike generates electricity to charge your gadgets”

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  2. Electricity is one of the most amazing discoveries of all times, we need to learn to avoid mis-use it in order to get the best from it. Energy is unlimited?, I know that we have limited resources but we always find ways to get cheap electricity from from our lovely Earth. I wanted to share my story about the use of electricity for stoping cancer but no time for that. Thank you for your blog.

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