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ThumbMan: Thumb man store needs a USB thumb drive!

The Thumbman, an extremely chubby guy which his head looks really like a thumb, always managed to get himself to pose exactly like a thumb and have had a few pictures taken that apparently show his “thumb head”! He claims that God didn’t take a rest on the 7th day and used Adam’s thumb to make him and named him the “Thumbman”.

The thumbman is getting little famous now over the Internet, and he shall be the next rising celebrity over the Internet, you can also follow him on his website,, or follow him on Twitter

He’s really got a couple of pictures showing him to really look like a “giant thumb” that has a human face on it. Thumbman has also got an online store with a couple of products branded with his thumb head. You can find keychain, mousepad, hat, mug, t-shirt with the huge thumb printed on them. Unfortunately, what we feel it shall need immediately on the thumbman store is a USB thumb drive which its cap is shaped like the head of the thumbman and with the body as well. Head over to for more pictures of ThumbMan, the next rising star of the Internet!

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