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Chris Brown arrested and Rihanna beaten ?

It’s another domestic violence that’s happened among the celebrities. Music superstar Chris Brown and Rihanna shared a fairy tale romance, but now they’ve ended with a violence – Rihanna got beaten and Chris Brown was arrested!

The couple was supposed to show up and perform at Grammy Award 2009 held on Sunday night, (Feb 08, 2009), but it was canceled and then replaced by a duet of “Let’s Stay Together” by Justin Timberlake and Al Green.

Chris Brown was arrested on the same night which Grammy Award held, confirmed by LAPD and tapped by TMZ. He was then released with a bail of $50,000. The police report says that officers responded to a 911 call, an unidentified woman appeared to have been beaten by the attacker, identified as Brown. But Brown was not found at the scene. There was no confirmation or denial from Rihanna yet.

source: rightpundits

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One Response to “Chris Brown arrested and Rihanna beaten ?”

  1. Karen Perez says:

    i love hip-hop and r&b that is why i love Chris Brown. he is also kind of sexy too just like 50 cent.

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