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Clocks’ designs get creative, stylish and weird

Clocks can come in various strange designs these days. Some of them may have been designed until you can’t find where the clock face is and where the hour and minute hands are. Here are a couple of uniquely and creatively designed clocks that surely open your eyes on how the designs of today’s clock could get to.

1. Pong Clock – The first clock in our collection here is the Pong Clock, which works like a game that shows two players to score time. The player on the left hand side scores the hour, whereas the one on the right scores the minutes. You can take a look at the attached video of this clock in action.

2. Tic Clock – This clock incorporates your wall into its design. Obviously, it presents you with a quarter of its face, and the other 3rd quarter is your wall. It shall blend well with your walls, furniture if they’re stylishly designed with soothing colors.

3. Gear Wall Clock – This is the clock that has the most gears that I’ve ever seen. Although, I’ve seen couple of them come built with gears, but none of them has as many gears as this clock. We also have a video here to show the Gear Clock in action.

4. Bloat clock – This is extremely confusing, hardly can identify where the hands are. You may have to guess the time, it isn’t one that you can rely on when rushing out for an appointment.

5. Organic clock – It looks like a tree with branches represent the numbers on the clock face.

6. Albero Clock – A cuckoo clock made from painted wood with a tree like design. The tree makes up the complete scene, having one of its branches to be nested by the cuckoo bird.

All these are what we love, if you want more unique, weirdly and stylishly designed clocks, head over to Toxel for more.

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