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Personal rockin computer – aerobic in the air

PRC – a personal rockin’ computer – Don’t be confused with anything that is related with computer! This thing doesn’t compute. Instead it gets your body to compute. Hang in the air with string attached to the ceiling wall in your apartment. You can make use of it to perform stunning aerobic actions in the air. It shall be a good leisure chair or an execite gear that you need to slim down.

The product page says:

As a crossover between design and sculpture, the z7 line presents:
-suspended “transats” and swings for comfort, retreat or escape, all on air.
-rockin’lover is a revisited rocking chair for all sorts of relaxing practices.
-personal rockin’ computer, the ultimate generation workstation, is designed
for multimedia interactivity.

It’s a pricey gear that costs $3612 USD after the conversion and you can get it from the Swedish online store.

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  1. Gadget says:

    Great ideas.

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