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iBlock Lego block USB flash drive

iBlock memory stick has been designed to look like the popular building blocks in your childhood. Girls, do you agree with me? Lego blocks shall have been popular among you girls as well, or perhaps you may have joined the boys for stacking these blocks when you were a kid.

Keeping a USB flash drive that is shaped like a Lego brick shall consistently remind you the sweet moment of stacking those blocks in your childhood. The iBlock memory stick comes in a 2GB storage, and available in red, blue or black. For only $35, you can get from iwoot.

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  1. […] block is made of real gold. It was made for the 50th anniversary, a gold Lego 2x 4 brick that has a USB flash drive hidden in it. It has a key chain attachment, which can be attached to your key to carry around. […]

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