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For MS (multiple sclerosis) sufferers: Breastfeed your newborn may reduce chance of relapse

breast-feeding-may-delay-relapse-of-multiple-sclerosis-for-womenWomen are deemed to have higher chance of getting MS (multiple sclerosis) than men do. MS is the kind of progressive disease of the nervous system, you can learn more from here. But women who are MS sufferers are safe to get pregnant, and through pregnancy, the immune system will change and become stronger, and women will usually be free of MS during pregnancy.

But, unfortunately, some women will often suffer a relapse of MS in the first few months of after giving birth. A new study shows MS women who breastfeed their baby have a lower chance of getting the relapse.The study shows that 87% of the non-breast-feeding group of women had a relapse within two months of giving birth. Whereas the breast-feeding group had only 36% that had a relapse.

It’s now the choice, if you’re an MS sufferer, and you’re about to give birth, you shall decide right now whether you will breastfeed your baby or to go back on MS therapy. Survey shows that 60% of the women chose not to breast feed as they wanna get back to MS medications again after giving birth.

Please note, although breast feed shows much lower percentage of getting a relapse, but there was still about 36%, which is also a pretty high figure. It’s definitely not easy to handle, while you’re unlucky, fall into the 36%, and have to get back to treatment, as it’s definitely an exhausting experience while you have to take care yourself and at the same time, taking care of the newborn.

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