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G2G Tri-fold gadget protector

While you have a few gadgets to bring along, it’s a neat idea to get them protected to prevent from smudges and scratches. This G2G tri-fold gadget protector is able to hold up to three gadgets, and it keeps those gadgets well protected from dust, water, dirt, scratches, and more you name it.

The G2G Tri-Fold keeps your expensive Cell phones, PDA’s, MP3’s, digital cameras and personal electronic devices in a dust and water resistant ballistic nylon bag which fits in the cup holder, glove box, console, door, visor or safely under the seat away from prying eyes, protecting your gadgets from moisture, scratches and damage.

At work, school, home, traveling, at the beach, on the slopes or in your backpack, the zippered G2G protects your gear from unnecessary wear and tear and keeps your ear phones, cords and electronics safely tucked away until you need them.

The rugged, high quality waterproof laminated nylon G2G has a cotton interior and also protects in harsh environments. Military, policemen, firemen, truckers, energy workers and all professionals can use the G2G to protect specialty equipment as well. For only, $13, you can get it here.

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