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Researchers get Hamster to run in a wheel to generate electricity for gadgets

Hamster is used to run in a wheel to generate electricity to power your gadgets. That is a great idea. One form of green energy generated having some devices strapped to the hamsters as they run the wheel.

The research is led by Dr Zhong Lin Wang of Georgia University’s Nano Research Group. They’ve developed the flexible jackets, which are fitted with wires plugged into nanogenerator that produces energy when they’re bent and stretched. A test was carried out using a hamster running in a wheel, and the cute animal was able to produce a small amount of AC power.

According to Dr Zhong, this technology can be incorporated into clothes for people in 5 years’ time, which can be used to generate power for cellphones and other gadgets. 5 years seem to be too long to wait! And also too bad you need at least 1,000 hamsters to generate sufficient juice for your mobile phone!


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