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Extensible Tonon’s 278 dining table saves space

If you live in an overly cramped apartment, you will love the idea of having furniture that is extensible. So when you have some visitors, then you can pull out the extensible part to accommodate more people .

The 278 dining table from the house of Tonon, a leading brand among manufacturers of design furniture, is an extensible dining table. There is a table on wheels within the main table, which can be pulled out to serve more guests.

When your guests are gone, just put it back to save some space. The 278 table has a blade-aluminum honeycomb covered with oak veneer, while the additional table is silver in color and is made of laminate. Available in 140 cm and 180 cm sizes, which seems too big for a tiny apartment. Other than that the price is an issue, costs EUR 18,564, which is definitely not something that someone who lives in a tiny apartment can afford.


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