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Hello Kitty gadgets: USB hub and keyboard

More gadgets are getting the Hello Kitty make-over these days. Here comes two more Hello Kitty gadgets which surely attract the love of those big fans of the Hello Kitty. They are a USB hub and keyboard.

The Hello Kitty keyboard comes in red and white that is decorated in polka dots. This keyboard has a cover that allows girls who care so much about cleanliness to protect their keyboard from dust, spills and stains. You can the Hello Kitty keyboard from DreamKitty for a price of $90.

The second USB peripheral is a USB hub that presents Hello Kitty having stepped onto the Super Mario’s mushroom, perhaps Kitty wanna follow Mario to start stomping mushroom. This USB hub is little stingy with the USB ports that it has, it offers only two USB connections, which seem to be too few for today’s requirement. This USB hub costs $50, which is bit too much with two stingy USB ports.

via chipchick

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