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Stylish Pixel Coffee table will self destruct

What an interesting coffee table that is claimed to “self destruct”. This special table is designed by Studio 1a.m from Chicago. The table is made of formed concrete and based on a pixel grid.

The table is so-called “self destructing” is because of the maker will remove one more pixel from design, every time they produce a new model of this coffee table. This will get every 18.5 inch coffee table to come with less pixels and the shape will also be more intricate than the previous model.That is the concept used by the designer to make the each model of their coffee tables unique.

So far they’ve removed 29 pixels, but the designers do not wanna disclose how many pixels are in the initial design. They will stop producing these tables when they’ve removed so many pixels that makes the shape no longer practical. Each table weighs 48 lb and costs $980. But each new model shall come with a pixel lighter in weight than the previous model and we think they shall consider slashing a little off their price for the one pixel that’s removed. Find out more here, via craziestgadgets

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