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Fake eggs from China, cause you to become idiotic!!

We’ve heard of some fake chicken eggs available in China and now this is the first time we manage to catch it online. It’s so fake that the egg yolk looks so spongy and everything seems to be like plastic-made, like a soft rubber.

But if you just take a look without squeezing it in your hand, you wouldn’t notice that it’s actually a fake egg. As it simply contains everything in an egg such as the yolk and white, and of course the shell that looks convincing. Something is so fake like the China egg, definitely contains many kinds of toxins, according to the source, it can even make you become idiotic! I’m not too sure if these fake eggs will be exported to other countries.

It might be little hard to distinguish between a fake and a real, unless you have a bite, you should be able to know the difference. We’re not too sure how it tastes too! If it tastes like a real egg, then it’ll be so much harder to tell it is fake. If only until a day you’ve become idiotic, then only your loved ones could tell that the reason you’ve become an idiot is because of you’ve been fed with too many fake eggs! Sinful China! Sick! Take a look the video clips below for the fake egg in action!

via, source

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