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Silicone baby bottles are safer

Moms must know how to choose a better baby bottle for your baby. Choose silicon baby bottles for your baby. There are some baby bottles have been made using bisphenol A (BPA), which is said not safe at all, is a kind of chemical used to make polycarbonate plastic, has linking with breast cancer, heart attack and diabetes.

Six largest baby bottle manufacturers in the United States, have been ordered to take their BPA-containing baby bottles off the shelves and discontinue them. Silicon baby bottles are one of the safer alternatives, they are BPA-free, and some more silicone is flexible, can be safely heated, dishwasher-safe and resistant to scratches.

A good example of the silicon baby bottles is Prince Lionheart Silicone Bottle, as shown in picture, which contains no chemicals and is 100% safe for babies. Most bottles with venting holes allow air into bottles as babies drink. Prince Lionheart’s Silicone Bottle collapses as air and liquid is released by giving baby a bubble free feeding which reduces the likelihood of reflux, colic, and spit up. Silicone is a natural material that has no open pores to harbor bacteria and is naturally free of BPA, Phthalates, PVC, lead and other harmful chemicals. The soft silicone body simulates the tactile experience of breastfeeding.

Nuby SoftFlex Silicone nurser is also one of them, which has a soft air silicone base which allows the parent to gentle squeeze the base to aid in feeding and includes anti-colic vents.

Others for consideration, such as product from Adiri is made from a polyester based resin, features a silicone nipple and is said to be free from polycarbonate and BPA. Glass baby bottles are also the alternatives to polycarbonate baby bottles, such Evenflo glass bottles or the range from BornFree.


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